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keep in mind im an artist, and im sensitive about my shit.

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Travels can be just dreams
You have to make it real

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Q: Im a girl and its weird because i don't consider myself bisexual but i am very attracted to girls but i only want to date guys. Which gender are you more attracted to

Its not weird, never think that you have to only like one or to fit into a certain group when it comes to sex or anything of that nature. Im physically more attracted to girls when it comes to sexual situations. But i LOVE men and i have a boyfriend. Im very much so attracted to him.

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Q: 50

50. do you find genitals attractive or gross/weird? I don’t really care. Penis is penis, i mean i don’t find penis very attractive tbh but i like it lol. I much rather look at vagina :3 

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Q: 6, 17, 30,

6. Can you touch your clot directly or does it hurt? Uhm, i didn’t know that was a thing.. lol. I can touch mine without it hurting.

17. Do you ever masturbate in the shower? No, i have not. 

30. How often do you masturbate? often lol

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Q: 1,2,14,61

1. What tends to feel better sex or masturbation? Sex

2.  5 Favorite spots to be stimulated? (obviously) the clit. Also my butt, my neck, my breast, and my thighs.

14. Do you have any kinks? Ahah, not really kinks. I recently discovered i LOVE it rough, really rough. but besides that no.

61. Most orgasm you’ve had in a session (of any sort)? Uhm, I’m not really sure

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Leland Wright, 20, NYC
model & photographer: @sev7n__


Money is on my mind but, I ain’t never satisfied.


Ted Lawson - Entropy Is A Myth